Diving Expeditions

Seeking a diving expedition of a lifetime?  Look no further than ginclearfilm

Each year ginclearfilm runs a series of trips  for budding underwater photographers and cinematographers, dive enthusiasts or in the case of whales snorkelers!  We run trips to Tonga, Costa Rica and exotic South Australia to get you up close and personal (with the aid of a cage) to the Great White Shark.

Why choose ginclearfilm’s diving expeditions?

Jon Shaw, our expedition leader, is a Marine Biologist and has been diving for over 20 years.  Jon is a PADI Master Instructor, HSE IV Commercial Diver, TDI Technical Diving Instructor and Rebreather diver.  Yep that’s right, you’ll be in safe hands. Jon has traveled extensively for production companies and led organised groups so he knows the best places, the safest operators and above all, the best times to go.

Are you a photography or videography enthusiast?

Jon teaches underwater cinematography at the Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS) and runs specialist one day private seminars, so can give you some expert tips on the unique challenges the underwater camera operator faces in terms of planning, lighting, framing, focus, colour temperature, shooting techniques, filters, composition and placement, while you’re actually there.  Consider it field work!

Here’s what some have said about Jon and ginclearfilm’s expeditions

“Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!  Massive amount of gratitude for organising and executing an experience we have been planning on for years.  Not only logistics, but having you and your experience, personality and professionalism made facing fears so exciting.  Thank you, Thank you.  (Chris, Great Whites SA Expedition, 2014)

“Thanks very much for an absolutely fantastic White shark trip.  Had a blast!!! (Hope, Great Whites SA Expedition, 2014)

“It was an outstanding week of  swimming with Humpback whales, hearing their singing, watching mother and baby whales interact, photograph the whales and be photographed with them. All this made for an unforgettable and privileged experience. The trip was well organised,  we had dives every day and accommodation and food were great. A wonderful trip.” (George, Tonga Expedition, 2012)

“The trip was magic” (Cath, Tonga Expedition, 2012)

 “I wasn’t sure I could get in the cage, it was an internal struggle of fear vs ‘must do, must do’, but Jon made me feel so at ease.  The adrenalin rush that followed awesome.  I’ll be back!” (Emma, Great Whites SA Expedition, 2011)


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