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Life on the Reef, (Documentary 3 x 1hr) release 2014 ABC / PBS

Covering 344,400km2 and stretching along 2300km of coastline, the Great Barrier Reef is one of the richest and most complex natural ecosystems on Earth. Home to a stunning array of animals, from microscopic plankton to 100-tonne whales, it is one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World.

Along the idyllic coastline, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Rangers work together with Traditional Owners, police, border protection, search and rescue crews, lifeguards and scientists to safeguard the fragile reef and protect the millions of residents, tourists, divers and fishermen that visit each year. It’s a monumental task – the reef and its hundreds of islands and quays covers an area bigger than the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Holland combined.

Life on the Reef will combine the strongest elements of observational documentary story telling with blue chip natural history, presenting unique, fresh and authentic stories of Australia’s greatest natural icon through the eyes, actions, challenges and adventures of the people who live there.

The Catch, (Documentary 3 x 1 hr) release 2014 SBS Australia

Matthew Evans, presenter of SBS’s Gourmet Farmer, embarks on a campaigning voyage of discovery to reveal the complex truths behind the seafood Australians produce and consume in the new three- part series The Catch (working title). From salmon farming to shark finning, from vast super trawlers to the humble prawn, Mathew Evans will confront and offer the viewer a chance to make a difference. This provocative, campaigning series aims not just to ignite debate but to change the way Australian buy, sell and eat their seafood, habits that are having a devastating impact on our oceans. The Catch is produced by Essential Media for SBS.

I Escaped Jaws (Documentary), release date 2013 NHNZ / Discovery (Shark Week)

These are the harrowing first-hand tales, many caught on camera, of people who stared into the jaws of a shark and survived.

Ocean’s Super Ocean Predator (Documentary), release date: 2014 National Geographic / ABC Australia.

The Search for the Oceans Super Predator

In the hidden depths of Australia’s wild Southern Ocean, a great white shark is savagely attacked one hundred metres below the sea’s surface by a far larger and faster mystery predator.  An electronic tracking device attached to the great white records a high-speed underwater chase, six hundred metres deep, before the shark and its tag are savagely devoured. Two weeks later, after being carried in the belly of the unknown killer, the still functioning tag is excreted and washed ashore, holding clues that could reveal the identity of the shark’s super predator.

This is the story of a super predator’s epic underwater attack that leads investigators to a mysterious and powerful natural phenomenon that, for a few short weeks each year, attracts the ocean’s most fearsome predators.

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Australia’s Deadliest (Documentary), National Geographic / Channel 7, 11 Episodes x 1hr

Our sprawling continent is undoubtedly a dangerous place to call home. From jellyfish and sharks to crocodiles and snakes, these are astonishing real life stories of deadly animal encounters.

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Australia’s Deadliest Shark Coast (Documentary), National Geographic / Channel 7, release date March 2013, Nat Geo Wild.

Drown (Feature Film) JJ Splice Films / , release date 2014

Three surf lifesavers on a big night out. Jealousy, homophobic fears and unrequited lust culminate in a tragic booze-fueled episode of near-fatal bullying. Based on the acclaimed play by Stephen Davis and following the themes of Dean Francis’ controversial short Boys Grammar, Drown is a hard-hitting micro-budget drama set against the iconic backdrop of Bondi Beach.

Directed by Dean Francis
Based on a play by Stephen Davis
Produced by Stephen Davis and Dean Francis
Cast Matt Levett, Jack Matthews, Sam Anderson and Harry Cook

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