About ginclearfilm

A bit of background

ginclearfilm is located in Sydney based multi-award winning film production company.  At ginclearfilm we are dedicated to producing high quality content and pride ourselves on providing superior filming and production services.

Professional accolades include:

  • 2020 AACTA for Best Cinematography ‘Australia’s Ocean Odyssey’
  • 2020 ACS Gold Award ‘Australia’s Ocean Odyssey”
  • 2019 AACTA for Best Cinematography ‘Magical Land of Oz’
  • 2019 Gold Award ACS NSW/ACT Cinematography ‘Magical Land of Oz’
  • 2018 Gold Award ACS NSW/ACT Cinematography ‘Turtle Odyssey’
  • 2017 AACTA for Best Cinematography ‘Blue’
  • 2017 Silver Award ACS NSW/ACT for Best Cinematography ‘Blue’
  • Emmy Nominated Best Cinematography ‘Life on the Reef’
  • 2015 AACTA For Best Cinematography ‘Life on the Reef’
  • Gold Award ACS NSW/ACT For Cinematography 2015 ‘Life on the Reef’
  • 2014 Film Out Awards for Best Cinematography ‘Drown’
  • Silver Award ACS NSW/ACT For Cinematography 2010 ‘Underwater NSW’.

Four time AACTA awarding winning and Emmy nominated cinematographer Jon Shaw, founder of ginclearfilm, specialises in underwater cinematography and has had a passion for the ocean and environment from an early age.  From his beginnings as a marine biologist and commercial diver, Jon has developed an enviable career travelling the world to film astonishing wildlife both above and below the ocean’s surface.

Jon is passionate about arresting the perils that face the ongoing sustainability of the world’s oceans. “Coral bleaching, dwindling shark numbers and the outcome of today’s overuse and disposal of plastics in our environment are issues I witness repeatedly through my work.  I want to be able to take those issues to the people through film”, Jon Shaw said.

Jon’s love for using the most advanced filming technology allows the audience a seemingly real-life glance into the environments he captures on film.

Jon is a full accredited member of Australian Cinematographers Society (member).

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