RED Epic

Underwater Footage

ginclearfilm is proud to be the first and only underwater production company in Australia to be able to offer the GATES DEEP EPIC underwater housing for RED Digital Cinema EPIC and SCARLET X Ultra high definition 16 Bit RAW cameras. We are currently using the housing with SLR glass which cover full frame, produces beautifully sharp images and offer unprecedented motion pictures underwater either for factual / documentary high definition television or cinema feature films.


The next generation of underwater digital cinema imaging. Support for a wide range of PL and SLR glass, external monitor, adjustable grips at fingertip focus / iris / zoom controls, and adjustable buoyancy / trim are carried forward. DEEP EPIC  includes the REDMOTE Controller, providing comprehensive camera control via the REDMOTE™.  Gates Precision Ports mean no-compromises image quality.’


With the ability to capture 5K stills and 4K motion, resolution sustains itself as a dominant gene in the RED family. SCARLET-X functions as a flexible device, utilizing HDRx and interchangeable lens mounts to provide you with options in a world that’s always changing. Due to shooting in RAW at 4K resolution SCARLET -X  offers ultimate flexibility and is the perfect camera for underwater cinematography.

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