ZCR Warrior Camp 2012

The Way of the Strong Mind

ginclearfilm has been proud to be involved with an amazing group of athletes filming their annual Warrior Camp. The ZCR Warrior Camp has been run annually for over 20 years.  It was originally designed for black belts only, however the council changed it 15 years ago to allow all grades to attend if they felt they could handle the weekend.  It is still compulsory for black belts and above.

It is a camp that pushes you to your physical extreme.  ginclearfilm is proud to provide film services for the events.

ZCR warrior camp

About Zen Chi Ryu

Zen Chi Ryu is “The Way of the Strong Mind”. It is the ultimate martial art. Designed for twentieth century living, it is intended to develop the whole person.

Zen Chi Ryu is the art of confidence – not just in combat, but in everyday life.

Zen Chi Ryu is for everyone: men, women and children. Age or physical handicaps do not matter. Within the Zen Chi system there is a branch suited to each type of student. For men, the emphasis is on combat and physical conditioning. Women learn graceful movements, relaxation and self-control, as well as effective self-defence. Children avoid the more dangerous techniques and concentrate on co-ordination, physical development and character building.